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Our domain reseller is available exclusively to our cPanel resellers. Our cPanel resellers receive an exclusive 10% off of the prices listed below.

  Domain Extension   Registration/Renewal Cost Per Year .de .es .eu .us   £11
  .com .cc .cn .in .name .nl .uk .xyz   £13
  .biz .ca .club .info .net .pro .org .tel   £16  
  .asia .cloud .graphics .mobi .space .website   £20  
  .band .blog .bz .direct .group .live .ltd .me .network .ninja .photography .photos .solutions .support .technology .ws   £25  
  .accountant .chat .co .direct .download .fitness .limited .services .shop .site .stream .wiki .world .wtf   £30  
  .online .shopping .tech .tv   £35  
  .cleaning .design .expert .london .plumbing   £45  
We have listed the most popular domains above, but many more are available.
If the domain you require is not listed above, please contact us to request a price


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The discount applies to registration and future renewals for as long as you have an active cPanel reseller account.

Domain Features

WHOIS Privacy Protection £3
Free DNS Hosting Service
Free Email & URL Forwarding
Domain Name Control Panel
Custom Name Server Registration
Domain Contact Info Management
Name Server Management
Domain Technical Help