Create an Alexa Skill for Your Radio Station

Over 100 million devices with Alexa have been sold worldwide. This service will allow your listeners to play your station through their Alexa smart device by saying "Alexa, play your station name". You can also add your own custom (Alexa synthesised) intro and outro if desired.

Let listeners find your station through their Amazon Echo, smart speaker and other smart devices by letting us create an Alexa Skill for your radio station.
An Alexa Skill is a great way to improve listener retention by making it even easier for them to listen to your station just by using their voice. Get ahead of the competition by securing an Alexa Skill for your station today.
Quarterly £20 + £20 set up fee
Annually £60 + £20 set up fee


Check out some of the Alex Skill's we've developed:


Can't Listeners Tune in Using Existing Skills?

If your station is listed on well known apps, such as TuneIn, then your listeners may already be able to find your station on Alexa. However there are still a number of advantages to having your own Alexa Skill. Firstly, if your station has the same or a similar name as another station then it can end up sending your listeners to a completely different station! Having your own Skill reduces the risk of this happening, it also increases your exposure on Amazon as your Skill will have its own page on the Amazon website. Finally, having your own Skill allows you to have a customised voice intro and outro if desired.