COMODO Positive SSL Certificate

If you need SSL protection for your website, we offer the known and trusted COMODO Positive SSL certificate. The low cost, high security certificate offers the same features as other single domain certificates in its class.

The below cost includes everything you need including the certificate and installation.

Don't risk buying elsewhere and getting it wrong as a small typo or selecting the wrong option could prevent your certificate from working and prevent sucessful installation. Let us do the hard work for you.

If you need to protect multiple sub-domains, we also offer AlphaSSL Wildcard Certificates.
This would protect and

The cost is £60 per year including the certificate and setup. Click here to order.

SSL Certificate Details
  Single Domain Security Works for and
  99.3% Browser Compatibility Yes
  2048 bit Industry Standard SSL Cert Yes
  Domain validated certificate Yes
  256 bit encryption Yes
  Activates browser padlock Yes
  COMODO Static Site Seal Yes
  Free installation Yes
Cost Per SSL
  Annually £20
Please note that our SSL offerings are only available to our cPanel hosting and cPanel Reseller customers.

We will generate a certificate signing request, verify domain ownership and fully install the certificate usually within a few hours and certainly within 24 hours.

Positive SSL Features

99.3% Browser Compatibility
2048 bit Industry Standard SSL Cert
Domain validated certificate
128/256 bit encryptionr
Mobile device compatibility
COMODO Static Site Seal
FREE Installation

Our Features

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No Setup Fees or Hidden Costs
No Contract or Tie-Ins